Penis yeast infection treatment

A penis yeast infection can be quite common and most people just go to a doctor for a cure as yeast infections are known for recurring in both men and women. Because yeast infections come back even after taking medications, then it is important to know what is causing them and to understand some home remedies.

There are several different causes of a penis yeast infection, but they are all connected to having too much yeast in the body. There are also medications for yeast infections that people can purchase over the counter, but natural cures often just as good for getting rid of the infection.

The main cause of a penis yeast infection is having intercourse with a female that has a yeast infection already. There are also condoms that have a certain spermicide in them that can cause a penis yeast infection. Men that have diabetes are much more likely to get a yeast infection because they produce too much sugar. A penis yeast infection usually includes a white discharge, redness; itching and can also be accompanied by a bad smell. Some types of penis yeast infection include red bumps that appear around the infected area.

There are several natural cures for a yeast infection of the penis. The first thing to do when you find out that you have a yeast infection is to stop eating sugar. Anything with sugar can make the infection worse. Organic coconut oil is good for reducing the infection. It can be used topically and orally. Gentian Violet which is usually used for thrush can usually be purchased in most pharmacies and it works great for a penis yeast infection. It is purple and stains, so it should be used carefully. Tea Tree Oil powder also works for yeast infections but it is harder to find. Plain yogurt can help to ease the irritation associated with a yeast infection of the penis and it can be found almost anywhere.
There are many cures for a penis yeast infection and, in the main, they are often successful, but each person is different. Yeast infections aren’t very dangerous as long as they are treated. Most men prefer to handle a penis yeast infection themselves and that is why it is important to know some simple home remedies.

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Treatment of Candida Yeast Infections in Men

If you are diagnosed with a yeast infection as a men, you no doubt have questions about the disease and how it may be treated. Being a difficult disease to diagnose initially, treatment options are hard to come by. As people continue to better understand the condition, they are able to recommend effective, uninvasive, natural ways to treat and eventually cure the ailments associated with Candidiasis.

Candidiasis is becoming increasingly common but is still going undiagnosed in patients. For men, it may come as a surprise that a yeast infection is actually quite common for them. If it manifests itself as a penis yeast infection, it can be extremely uncomfortable and difficult to treat. The most common and effective treatment for Candida is through diet and exercise, believe it or not. Candida is a fungus which creates toxins that emulate the effects of alcohol. Exercise is a great detoxifier because when you exercise, you sweat. Eating a proper diet low in sugar and carbohydrates is absolutely essential. The fungus feeds off of sugars and carbs, so limiting these food groups helps to prevent it from growing further. A diet high in the b-vitamins, as well as one which includes natural vitamin c, a, d, calcium and other macro and micro-nutrients is important. This serves to kill the existing candida, prevent it from growing further, and nutrify your body so that it may heal naturally.

In general, any signs or symptoms which involve the skin are an early indication that the body is sick and needs mending. As a general rule, maintaining your diet and exercising regularly are the keys to better health and longevity.

Causes of Candida Yeast Infections in Men

Contrary to popular belief, yeast infections are similarly as common in men as in women. In actuality, overall cases of Candidiasis are going undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, considering the broad spectrum of symptoms which can be exhibited by the fungus. It is important to understand what Candidiasis is; it’s causes, effects, and treatments in order to overcome the disease and cure the symptoms permanently.

Candidiasis is caused by a species of Yeast known as Candida. While the exact species varies, it is normally the most common, Candida Albicans, which causes the yeast infection. Although C. Albicans is a species of yeast which is on most surfaces and is part of people’s natural microflora, constantly passed from person to person. Although commonly referred to as a “yeast infection” the normal candida yeast has become a more invasive, fungal-based organism via mutation which occurs due to its ability to overgrow. This is most often caused by overuse of antibiotics or in persons with autoimmune conditions such as AIDS.

Once a person has Candidiasis, symptoms range from varying degrees of rashes and broken skin to more severe, internal issues if left untreated. The symtoms may show up as a penis yeast infection first, or in other moist areas of the body like the mouth. Due to it’s difficulty to be diagnosed by conventional medical techniques, there is a very simple test a person may do at home to determine not only their Candida level but their overall health level. The simplest – check your tongue in a mirror. If it has a thick, white film over it you may have a candida problem or be sick in general. A healthy tongue is a bright pinkish/reddish color.

The Facts Behind a Penis Yeast Infection

We have all heard of genital yeast infections in women, but what some do not realize is that men can get genital yeast infections as well. If you are a man and you have a penis yeast infection, this is probably not something you will discuss with your other guy friends. With those “embarrassing” thought in mind, we are going to give you the facts behind a yeast infection.

Signs of a Penis Yeast Infection

There may be more than one sign that you have a penis yeast infection. The signs and symptoms of a penile yeast infection include:

  • Spots over the head of the penis
  • Red skin around the head of the penis
  • The penis is itching
  • The penis is swollen
  • There is penile discharge
  • There is discomfort when urinating
  • There is a lumpy discharge coming from under the foreskin
  • There is pain during sexual intercourse
  • There is an unpleasant odor

Causes of a Penile Yeast Infection

Having sexual intercourse with a woman who has a yeast infection can cause a penis yeast infection. However, this is not the only thing that can cause an infection.

Humidity – It is a known fact that candida loves living in the moist and warm environments. For this reason, after you get wet, you need to dry off properly. Men who have been circumcised are less likely to develop this form of infection, but it is not uncommon.

Immune System Changes – Candida Albicans Fungus is the cause of thrush. This fungus can be found in various parts of the body. The immune system keeps the fungus under control. When the immune system is disturbed, thrush can easily develop.  Those who have HIV, those with diabetes, etc will weaken the immune system, which will cause them to be at higher risk of developing a yeast infection.

Irritated Skin – Men who use soaps and shower gels with a fragrance in it can irritate the skin on their penis and this increases the chances of thrush developing on the penis. When a male has thrush, it is certainly not a serious condition, but when the symptoms start to show up, it would be a good idea to get a diagnosis done, because it could be the signs of another form of infection.

Treatment Options

Of course, there are treatment options that a man can turn to. In this part of the article, we are going to tell you about some of the treatment options available.

Anti Fungal Creams – Anti-fungal cream will help treat male thrush. After using the anti-fungal cream for a week, the symptoms should go away. After the symptoms have disappeared, you should continue treatment for another 6 days in order to make sure there are no recurrences. When you apply the cream, you may feel a slight burning sensation.

Good Personal Hygiene – of course, good personal hygiene always pays off. After you wash yourself gently with warm water, make sure you dry yourself off completely because Candida loves warm and moist areas. You should avoid using any type of body wash that has a fragrance and wear cotton underwear that are loose.

In the end, you can apply yogurt a couple times each day. Make sure it is 100% natural and does not have any added flavor. You can also apply athlete’s foot creams and avoid having sex. While the male yeast infection may seem embarrassing to you and you may feel like none of your friends have ever had it, you will be surprised at how common it is in men.

How to Know if it is a Penis Yeast Infection

Although not as common as with women, men can get a yeast infection. Like women, the cause of a penis yeast infection is the same. Yeast love moist, dark areas and the male genitals presents a great opportunity for yeast to thrive. Sexual contact with an infected partner is another way for a man to get infected. Certain medications taken over a prolonged time can cause a weaken immune system and yeast can take over.

Signs of a penis yeast infection

Redness at the tip and around the head of the penis
Excessive itchiness
Burning while urination
Discharge that looks like cottage cheese
Foul odor
Is it Yeast or Something Else

If you wash often and keep that area dry then it is highly unlikely that you have a yeast infection. Sexual transmitted disease can also show up with symptoms that appear to be a penis yeast infection. That’s why it is important to see a doctor if the following treatment doesn’t work after one week.


Yeast can be treated with over the counter solutions. Monistat is a yeast killer that targets yeast infections in women but is also effective with male thrush. If you’ve seen your doctor about your symptoms he or she may also prescribe another form of anti fungal cream and a corticosteroid cream for the itching.

Some at Home Remedies

Plain yogurt applied directly to the infected area may also provide cooling and effective relief. Some men have also found good results using the same cream as used with athlete’s foot.

Yeast Infections Don’t Discriminate

Yeast infections are associated with women mostly but men are not immune. In fact, it is becoming more common to hear about a penis yeast infection. Yeast can strike any part of the body and depending on the body part will determine the medical term. For instance, yeast that affects the foot is called athlete’s foot and in the genital areas of a male is informally known as jock itch or male thrush.


Yeast is something that exist on the human body and usually doesn’t cause a problem until it becomes excessive. Changes in the body’s hormones can tip the balance which can cause a yeast infection. Sexual contact with a person with a yeast infection is another cause.


Symptoms of a penis yeast infection depends on the individual. Some men have symptoms and some don’t. However, common symptoms of male thrush, is inflammation on the head of the penis and excessive itching. A cottage cheese like penile discharge, pain during urination and sex are also possible symptoms.


A penis yeast infection can be effectively treated with over the counter medication. In fact, the same yeast infection medication that’s designed for women is also effective in treating male thrush. The cream form of Monistat should be used. Rub directly on the infected area twice a day or as directed until symptoms disappear. This should take about a week. If after a week, symptoms continue, it is time to see your doctor as yeast infection symptoms could mean a more serious form of a sexually transmitted disease.

Penis yeast infection and natural cure for yeast infection

A yeast infection is awful no matter what gender happens to get one. Most women know right away if they have a yeast infection because they are so common, but when it comes to penis yeast infections the symptoms are sometimes different. It isn’t very common for men to get a penis yeast infection but they do occur. There are several causes of yeast infection and there are also several cures. Most people think they should see a doctor right away for a yeast infection, but home remedies are just as affective and they can save you some money.
There are several different causes of a penis yeast infection. The first and most common cause of a yeast infection in men, is from having relations with their spouse or significant other that is infected. Another cause of yeast infection in women and men is antibiotics. Antibiotics kill good and bad bacteria which allow yeast to grow. Men with diabetes are more likely to get a yeast infection, especially if they don’t drink enough water. Condoms can also cause penis yeast infections if they contain nonoxynol-9. All of these things can cause yeast infections and if you get one then you have to be aware and know what to do.
Yeast infections are awful because they cause uncontrollable itching. They also can make the infected part very red and irritable. A yucky white discharge is also pretty common and sometimes this is followed by a bad smell. In order to cure a penis yeast infection you should drink a lot of water. Stay away from anything that helps yeast grow like bread and sugar. Yogurt is a great cure but you want yogurt that doesn’t contain sugar. Yogurt can be applied directly to the affected area along with taken internally.
People that have had a yeast infection know how horribly uncomfortable they can be. Doctors can help with a yeast infection, but if you don’t know the cause of the infection, then they can reoccur. Before you go to a doctor for a yeast infection try some natural home remedies. Using yogurt and staying away from sugar can really help and you won’t have to see a doctor. Yeast infections aren’t common for men and sometimes they don’t even have symptoms, but when they do they are horrible. Curing penis yeast infection is pretty simple and once you know the causes, you can prevent recurrences.

Penis Yeast Infection and yeast infection causes

Most women by the time they have hit adulthood have had several yeast infection. Hopefully by then they understand what causes them and how to cure them. Most people don’t know this but penis yeast infections are also pretty common. People usually don’t hear about men having yeast infection because they are much more common in women. Whether you are male or female a yeast infection is very uncomfortable, but if you know the cause and cure for yeast infection then you are much more likely to get them taken care of quickly.
One of the most common causes for penis yeast infection is too much sugar and flour in the body. Yeast grows when there is an overload of these foods in the blood. Men with diabetes are much more likely to get penis yeast infection because they already have blood sugar problems. Yeast infection are also transmitted through intercourse. If a partner has a yeast infection then they can keep passing it back and forth until they both treat the infection. Another thing that can cause a yeast infection is antibiotics. Antibiotics get rid of bad bacteria but they also kill the good bacteria which prevents yeast infection.
One great way to stop penis yeast infection is to stop eating all carbs and sugars. These things just feed the growing yeast. Drinking lots of water will also help with a yeast infection. The key to curing a yeast infection quickly is to get good bacteria back into the body. Foods that have probiotics are very good for yeast infections. Plain yogurt and acidophilus are both wonderful for the body and they help with yeast infection. Yeast infection usually burn and itch and yogurt can be applied topically to get rid of the itching and burning.
Yeast infection are very uncomfortable and both men and women get them. The best way to cure a penis yeast infection quickly is eliminated sugar and flour from your diet. When you have a yeast infection intercourse is a bad idea. It is uncomfortable and you can pass the infection. Talking to a doctor is a good idea but most people that have common yeast infection just cure them at home. When people feel like they may be getting yeast infection they should stay away from sugar and start drinking more water.

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